Small bidou, bulges, cellulite or belly too prominent, in short, you make a fixation on your stomach with only desire to smooth it? Rest assured, you are not the only one! Most women have a horror of their belly, this damn little buoy that they try to hide under loose clothes! Excess of pastries, stress, pregnancy, so many factors that solicit the female belly!

And it is true that wearing a tight T shirt on a rounded belly is not the best effect! If you have already tried everything on the diets and sports side, bet on cosmetics and flat stomach care! If they will not make you disappear in a magic wand your belly, they will help to firm and smooth the skin, fight against stretch marks! Do not be naive, however, flat belly creams if they all promise spectacular results however are not miraculous! Nevertheless, some are more effective than others.

Want to lose weight without depriving yourself?

Choose your cream

Before you go into the hunt for creams, sometimes a real headache, here are some tips!
Above all, look closely at their composition. The more creams are rich in active ingredients, the more they will become more effective! An efficiency that will be optimal if you adopt the right massage, taking the time to penetrate your cream, to break the fat tissue. Do not hesitate to feel your skin rolling so that the active ingredients act in depth! Then you will need to be patient and maintain a regular application twice a day (the morning after the shower and the evening before going to sleep). When you use it, warm it well between your hands to facilitate penetration of active ingredients.
Do not expect to see the effects overnight! After three weeks on average, you should see the benefits of your cream.
In terms of flat stomach creams, some brands have proven themselves. And it is not necessarily the price that will determine the quality of your cream. On average, the ranges range from 15 to 60 euros for flat stomach creams.

Cosmetic somatoline 10 nights

You’re tired of your curves, and have decided to switch to cosmetics! Opt for Somatoline night cosmetics, an intensive slimming treatment. Because of its composition (caffeine and retinol), it will give you a precious shot of growth to find a firmer and tonic belly. Caffeine promotes the burning of fat. As for retinol, it prevents storage. Count 30 euros. A cream that combines efficiency and limited cost.

Masvelt from Clarins

It is presented as the rebellious anti-roundness cream, which acts on the microcirculation and firms the skin while moisturizing it! Malleable, it promotes kneading! For 37 years, this cream has gained its notoriety in the field of localized roundness degumming! For this little wonder, it will cost you fifty euros!

Duo Lipo Peel / Lipo Metric from Vichy

This cream acts on the orange peel, that is to say the cellulite that collects around the belly. Ideal if you have had multiple pregnancies! Decrease visible to the naked eye of cellulite, softer skin and refined skin texture, these are the results of this cream. Count thirty euros for this product.

Clarins Slimming Concentrate Addition

The most of this cream? its originality! Indeed, the product mixes with the body cream. Just add a few drops and massage. And efficiency is guaranteed! Most of the users were very enthusiastic about this high-tech product with a golden color with a more refined skin and a loss of centimeters in the belly! And for good reason ! The secret of its effectiveness? Its composition based on 7 active plants including fat burners: geranium, guarana. Which explains its relatively high cost of 60 euros.

Body Lift 10 from Lierac

Here is a very effective cream that refines in 8 days, in addition to a balanced diet and a little sport! Easy to use, just apply morning and evening a dose of a teaspoon, actively massage for 8 days! And the result is at the rendezvous!

Slimming Serum by Melvita

This serum takes into account the biological rhythms of the body, inspired by the chronobiology of thinness! More than a cream, it is a treatment that regales your silhouette and reshapes your belly with a complex and a combination of three seaweeds! A good compromise if you want to test, all for about thirty euros.

Destock Belly of Vichy

A cream that will make your skin softer and your tonic belly. If you want it to be effective, it must be combined with exercises provided with the manual! Yes, if you want to lose your buoy, you will have to work a little!

Elancyl belly concentrate 14 days

His goal ? remove cellulite stored at the abdominal level in a very short time. With its three active anti-cellulite (caffeine, xanthoxyline and phloridizine from apple branches), it acts in depth on fat! For a sum of 20 euros, it is quite effective through its tensors and firming agents.

No Complex Givenchy

To be applied twice for 15 days, this cream is very fluid and pleasant to use. No spectacular result on the orange peel effect, but a soft feel and a tensor effect present! So if you do not lose your greasy buoy, at least you’ll firm it up and be more toned. Count 45 euros, a little expensive given the results!

Glycought Night bi-gel from Phytomer

A cream that blocks sugar at night, that’s what Glycought offers! With this glucolight cream, exit the storage of sugars thanks to the action of maritime absinthe! To test after a pregnancy and if you have the means, because this little cream costs 61,50 euros the 150 ml.