Almost every woman and girl has already had symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, or PMS for short. These include cramp-like pain, mood swings, hot flashes, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, cravings, breast tenderness, blemishes, irritability, to name just a few. Due to hormones, the PMS takes place in the second half of the cycle.

CBD, as a natural PMS companion, is becoming increasingly popular here. The phytocannabinoid of the hemp plant is not only ecologically justifiable, but can also be used holistically for a number of PMS complaints. In the following article, you can find out how CBD can help you go through life more pain-free from the next cycle. In the end, you can expect more useful tips to make the time before and during menstruation more relaxed and painless.


What is Premenstrual Syndrome?

The premenstrual syndrome, or PMS for short, describes the days before the start of the period and the associated complaints. Why certain women suffer particularly badly and some women are spared from it has not yet been scientifically clarified [1] .

The term syndrome describes a combination of different complaints that mostly occur together and simultaneously. These affect both body and psyche and are as follows:

Physical symptoms

    • Migraine
    • Cravings or loss of appetite

[19459011 ] Nausea

  • Circulatory problems
  • Tension in breasts, hands and feet
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Headache and back pain
  • Lower abdominal cramps [19459012 ]
  • Water accumulation in the tissues and in the extremities [2]

Psychische Symptoms

  • Mood Swings
  • Depression
  • Aggressiveness
  • listlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Groundless Crying
  • Verminde Right self-esteem [2]

How exactly it comes to a PMS has not yet been clarified exactly. An interplay of different factors is suspected. Experts believe that hormonal changeover is involved in the course of the second half of the cycle. After ovulation there is a hormonal change. The release of estrogen drops and the hormone prolactin increases. If too much or too little of the luteal hormone progesterone is produced, the experts suspect a tendency to PMS. These hormonal changes can cause the typical premenstrual symptoms [2] .

PMS is a multifactorial disorder. Several factors are responsible for the development of the symptoms. In addition to hormonal control, the causes also lie in the psyche and the nervous system [2] .

The following causes and factors are also suspected, which can favor a PMS :

  • Serotonin deficiency
  • Magnesium and calcium deficiency
  • Genetic predisposition [3]

Diagnosing PMS

Diagnosing PMS is not easy because of the symptoms are different in every woman. To do this, it is necessary that the doctor looks closely at the symptoms and their chronological order in order to rule out other diseases. The temporal dependence of the symptoms at the beginning of the period is a clear characteristic of the PMS symptoms [2] .

The female cycle

The female cycle is a complex system in which many hormones are involved. Gonatropin releasing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) play an important role in the cycle.

A brief insight into the phases of the female monthly cycle shows us how extensive and complex it is. The epithelium and connective tissue regenerate in the first days of the cycle. The second phase of the cycle is called the proliferation phase. In this phase, the endometrium is rebuilt and the concentration of estrogens increases. FSH causes follicles to mature, which in turn form estrogens. The follicle that has the most FSH receptors is selected.

Ovulation (ovulation) takes place when a mature follicle bursts and the ovum is expelled. Then the second half of the cycle begins and an increase in the concentration of the luteal hormone progesterone. This results in an imbalance of progesterone and estrogen and the development of the above symptoms is favored [13] .


Many women face cycle-related stresses every month. To alleviate the symptoms, several treatment options in the field of conventional medicine, traditional European medicine and micronutrient medicine can be used.

The following is a list of conventional medical treatment options:

  • Pain Reliever
  • Luteum Hormone and Gestagens
  • Ovulation Inhibitor
  • Draining Drugs
  • Antidepressants [2]

The vegetable kingdom offers a number of possibilities to remedy the most unpleasant days before menstruation.

Chaste tree, also called, chaste, Latin Vitex agnus-castus, belongs to the family of the labiate family. Studies show that using chaste tree to reduce symptoms is a safe alternative. This medicinal plant offers a wide range of ingredients such as iridoid glycosides (agnuside), flavonoids, fatty oil and essential oil. The FSH and the LH release are normalized and dopaminergic and prolactin-lowering effects occur. It is best taken as a film-coated tablet, which is taken once a day, or in the form of tinctures, which is taken 10-15 drops 2-3 times a day. In order to achieve a maximum effect, the preparations are taken over a period of 3 monthly cycles [14] [15] .

Preparations made of lady’s mantle (alchemilla) can alleviate premenstrual and cycle-related complaints, according to traditional medicine.

How can CBD help with PMS?

Studies show that cannabidiol from the hemp plant has antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. These effects can improve the symptoms of PMS and provide relief for affected women. CBD also shows neuroprotective properties and can have a positive effect on hormonal mood swings. As with PMS itself, however, further research work is also necessary here [4] .

The following is an overview of PMS symptoms that CBD can naturally address:


Physically [19459027 ] Psychisch
Migraine Stress
Abdominal Cramps Mood swings
Pain Sleep problems
Impure skin Depression

CBD to promote inner balance

Declare war on PMS-related mood swings with CBD. Due to the calming and relaxing properties , cannabidiol can help to keep you physically and emotionally calm during mood ups and downs. Well-being can be increased significantly. Due to the possible lack of serotonin before and during the days, the body is in a mood depression. This can promote depression and anxiety. CBD can complement the anxiety-relieving effect here [10] .

In this case, the additional intake of vitamins and minerals is also recommended. The hemp Happy Mind capsules are also popular here. In addition to the targeted micronutrient complex, they also contain 5-HTP from the Griffonia plant and L-tryptophan, both precursors of serotonin, the body’s own happiness hormone.

CBD for abdominal cramps and pain

CBD oil can effectively treat pain and cramps. Migraine-related pain as well as abdominal pain can be made more bearable and everyday life and general quality of life can be improved [11] .

CBD to promote night’s sleep

Sleep is particularly important so that the body can recover. During this time, he also gathers the necessary energy for the next day. A good night’s sleep can help you deal better with PMS symptoms.

CBD for blemishes

For many women, the PMS complaints are also visible through the skin. Shortly before the days, skin blemishes often occur. These additionally promote the feeling of discomfort during this time. With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can also help here and help reduce internal inflammation [12].

Which CBD oil is right for me?

Basically, a number of different CBD products are already available. For PMS complaints, it is recommended to use CBD drops or CBD capsules . These are easy to use and the dosage can be adjusted to the severity of the symptoms.

Here you can access products with a particularly pure CBD content. In addition, you should make sure that the terpene entourage effect is given. This can increase the effect of the CBD.

Use of CBD for PMS complaints

It is best to drop the cannabis oil in front of the mirror using the pipette directly into the mouth under the tongue on the oral mucosa. The drops should be kept in the mouth briefly (about 30 seconds to one minute) before swallowing, which ensures good bioavailability in the body. The oils are absorbed directly through the oral mucosa.

Take the drops shortly before or after a meal, since CBD is fat-soluble, the intake can be promoted.


The correct dosage

In principle, you take the CBD products 2-3 times a day. In acute cases or with particularly severe complaints, the dosage can also be increased. The best thing to do here is to follow the recommendations for consumption stated on the product.

It is advisable to start dosing the drops shortly before the second half of the cycle or when noticing the first signs. At the beginning, regular intake is recommended so that the body can get used to the drops and get a feeling for the ideal dosage.

Self-help tips at PMS

There are a number of ways to help yourself to alleviate PMS complaints. The following lifestyle modifications can have a favorable effect on premenstrual syndrome:


Sport & Bewegung

Try to incorporate regular exercise into your everyday life. This is beneficial for both the body and the psyche. The spring and summer time is particularly good for moving around in the fresh air and also getting some vitamin D. In addition, happiness hormones are released during sport, so this can also be advantageous with regard to mood fluctuations due to PMS.

But let’s be honest: It is particularly challenging in such times to motivate yourself to do sports. Every step should be appreciated here. Therefore, even short walks are beneficial and can increase well-being. Even if it is difficult, it still pays off to get up. After that you will be grateful for that.

Studies indicate that moderate exercise can help against period pain. Activity can counteract the cramped uterine muscles [5] . Yoga exercises are also an ideal alternative to promote both physical and psychological relaxation [6] . In particular, hormone yoga can help to balance the hormonal balance somewhat and counteract the cramps with targeted exercises.

Balanced diet

A balanced and fresh diet is generally recommended at all times. Before and during the period, however, it is worth paying special attention to, because the uterine muscles, which tense up with regular complaints, need sufficient nutrients. If these are not supplied, the pain is more favorable. Even if the cravings for chocolate and the like are particularly high during this time, it is advisable to make the menu healthy.

Vitamin and minerals can help prevent or relieve period pain.

The following nutrients are particularly important here:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Omega-3-fatty acids
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin D [7]

You can find these vitamins mainly in the following foods:

Calcium is found in high amounts in dairy products, nuts, whole grains and vegetables. Vitamin D, milk sugar and acids (ascorbic acid, citric acid) promote absorption.

A slice of whole grain bread with cottage cheese and chives serves as the ideal calcium supplier. The bad news in PMS times: Nut nougat cream inhibits the absorption of calcium due to the oxalate it contains.

Rich in Magnesium are whole grains, legumes and nuts. Cocoa is also a particularly good source of magnesium.

A warm cup of cocoa provides you with magnesium and can also raise the mood a little before and during the days with its chocolate taste.

Fish and nuts are particularly rich in Omega 3 fatty acids , as well as cold-pressed hemp oil which has a very favorable composition of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Every day a handful of nuts is not only tasty, but also good for your health. Combine them with a few apricots / dates and cocoa in a blender and you will get delicious energy balls in just a few minutes. A healthy snack that is particularly beneficial for PMS. Optionally with a few pieces of dark chocolate to prevent food cravings.


Vitamin E can be found mainly in vegetable oils (especially wheat germ oil), cereal germs, nuts and seeds.

It is advisable to mix a spoonful of wheat germ oil into the food. For example, in the morning with yoghurt or at noon over the salad.

Especially for our mood Vitamin D is particularly important in times of PMS. The vitamin is only found in a few foods, including milk, eggs, butter and liver, and in all fish. Vitamin D is therefore often supplemented.

Try to get enough sunlight. Read a book outdoors or go for a walk. Vitamin D is formed through the skin, which is why it is also called sun vitamin [8] .

Water retention can also cause discomfort in the second half of the cycle.

A tip for heavy legs:

Our Venengel Forte revives tired and heavy legs and can bring relief in times before and during the days. For the extra cooling effect, it is advisable to keep the gel in the refrigerator. Especially in summer, this can be extremely relaxing and beneficial.

You should also make sure that you have sufficient fluids. Teas can be particularly relaxing in times before and during the period. Lady’s mantle or yarrow are particularly useful for women suffering. They are also said to have a relaxing effect.

Our hemp teas can start here with their additional relaxing effect and promote inner harmony.

Waiver or restricted alcohol consumption

Alcohol can also have an unfavorable effect on PMS complaints. On the one hand, alcohol increases the magnesium requirement, on the other hand, the pain can be increased. In the short term, alcohol may provide a perceived improvement, but the following day, alcohol withdrawal can increase cramps. In addition, alcohol can affect hormone levels – another unfavorable effect in terms of mood swings. If painkillers are taken, eight are particularly recommended here, as they can interact [9] .

Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation Exercises can help you better deal with PMS symptoms. In addition to yoga, feel-good massages are also recommended to increase the quality of life during this time. Studies have shown that rhythmic massages are particularly beneficial for menstrual pain.

Warmth, in the form of hot water bottles, grain boxes or heat plasters can also help against the pain [10] .

Another household tip: Rub your lower abdomen with lemon balm if you have severe symptoms. This can also have a positive effect on the pain. Combine the application of the oil with a gentle, rhythmic abdominal massage [10] .

Breathing exercises are also recommended. These can help you relax and better deal with the pain. The focus here is entirely on breathing and less on pain.

Sufficient sleep

Sleep is fundamentally essential for our health. During this time, the body can regenerate and collect the necessary energy for everyday life. A good night’s sleep also affects our well-being and can influence the experience of PMS. So going to bed early can be worth it. A combination of CBD and melatonin, the body’s own sleep hormone, has been shown to help with problems falling asleep and staying asleep.


In summary it should be noted that one should not be too strict with oneself especially in times before and during the period. One or two bars of chocolate too much is forgiven here. Give your body the necessary rest and try to smile from time to time – this can also significantly improve your mood. Don’t take yourself too seriously and accept the fluctuating needs of your body. No condition is permanent, these days also pass – keep this in mind. CBD can ideally support you during this time – on the one hand to alleviate the symptoms, on the other hand to be able to deal with them in a relaxed and balanced manner.