We discovered their benefits on weight loss in the 90s and they are now democratized. Probiotics –good bacteria– play a vital role in the proper functioning of the intestinal flora. They improve his resistance and help him in his digestive work. But how use probiotics to lose weight can be a good solution?

Discover the link between these beneficial bacteria and weight loss. And learn how to choose your probiotics, for an iron health!


Discovering probiotics

Our body is made up of good and bad bacteria, all very important in the functioning of our body. Each has a special role, and it’s a good balance between these two kinds of bacteria which allows our system to act properly.

Probiotics are considered positive bacteria, hence their name meaning favorable to life. They are an integral part of our intestinal flora, also known as microbiota, and help us fight infections or viruses.

But sometimes they are not enough in the body, so we have to act for to replenish the intestinal flora in probiotics.

There are several varieties, divisible into 2 major categories. These are strains with assigned functions:

  • The Lactobacillus that we find in cheese, yoghurt. They relieve the bowel and are used as anti-diarrheal treatments and help to lose weight.
  • The Bifidobacterium, which help relieve the irritation of the colon. They are contained in some dairy products. Some derivatives in this category are used to treat nervous problems.

Probiotic users take it to cure constipation, nervous problems, but also to lose weight. We explain how it works!

Probiotics and weight, a complicated relationship?

Many studies have shown that using probiotics to lose weight is an effective solution. There is evidence that a good balance of intestinal flora was going directly have a beneficial effect on the weight.

It’s simple: some probiotic strains will help and fats. Thus, they are a natural solution to fight overweight problems.

It has been discovered that in a large proportion of people suffering from obesity, the microbiota was poor in good bacteria. Therefore, by directly influencing the intestinal flora, it would be possible to control the loss or weight gain! This is how the so-called Probiotic diet was born.

This type of method helps to prevent weight gain, by strengthening the intestine, but also to lose weight to the patient in a natural way, eliminating excess fat. Some probiotics will also help reduce the appetite hormone, leptin. It’s handy during a diet!

But be careful to choose your probiotic to lose weight, because some may lead to … weight gain! Here are our tips for making the right choice.


The different probiotics and their impact on your weight

Probiotics are found naturally in certain foods, but also and especially in the form of supplements such as capsules.

Natural foods

Among the foods rich in good bacteria, we can mention:

They are much less numerous in fresh foods than in the supplements that you will find in pharmacies, but their contributions remain a not insignificant. They allow, throughout the year, to maintain a certain balance in your intestines.

Probiotic supplements for weight loss

You have to know that it’s in the Lactobacillus category that we find the slimming probiotics.

But not all are good for losing weight! For example, Lactobacillus acidophilus will produce an opposite effect and make the consumer fatter. That’s where the critics against probiotics come from! So let’s not mix everything up, because while some may lead to weight gain, others will help you refine.

This is the case of the strain Lactobacillus gasseri and the one called Lactobacillus rhamnosus. Alone, or in combination in some supplements, these probiotics will be effective for weight loss.

The strain Lactobacillus gasseri (L.Gasseri) is strengthen the intestinal barrier and allow better filtering of ingested foods. It relieves stomach ache, and promotes transit. It serves as an appetite suppressant, affecting the appetite hormone, and is also beneficial for the fight against diabetes.

The Lactobacillus rhamnosus (L. rhamnosus) strain to burn fat.

It is therefore important to look at the composition of your probiotic supplement if you want to diet. In addition, coupled with Bifidobacterium lactis, some probiotics will be perfect to lose weight and strengthen your intestinal barrier.

We give you some examples of probiotics to lose weight! However, as we explain below, they will not do the job alone. Following a slimming program with probiotics will require some extra effort.


Recommendation for the use of a probiotic

When choosing a probiotic to lose weight, it is good to check certain points.

It must be rich enough in bacteria to be effective. It must contain between 5 and 10 billion bacteria! The unit of measure you will find on the labels is the UFC: Colonial Training Unit.

We also prefer tablets to the probiotic powder, because the living bacteria, it is recalled, hold better in this form. This allows you to ensure their vitality!

Sometimes you will find prebiotic mention. Not essential, they are however useful to strengthen and nourish the probiotics! It is therefore a more interesting.

Finally, attention to the form of conservation of probiotics choose. Some, having to be constantly kept cool, they may have difficulty with transport and delivery to your home. If they come dead, these bacteria will no longer have any interest!

Of course, other components will be contained in the products. Remember to check that you are not intolerant to any of the ingredients. If so, talk to your doctor.

Probiotic for weight loss: a slimming supplement

It is very important not to rely solely on probiotics to lose weight. If these bacteria will act effectively on weight loss, they will not compensate for an unbalanced diet. To refine, burn your fat and lose waistlines, it will have to change a little your bad habits!

Losing weight requires some group efforts. It will be necessary to rebalance your daily diet, to make it healthier. There are many ways to do it, depending on your lifestyle. We deliver you!

You will also have to practice regular physical activity. The sport is more than beneficial during a diet because it speeds up daily calorie consumption and allows to eliminate toxins from your body.

By combining these different practices, and taking probiotic supplements over time, you will lose weight. Your intestinal flora will be strong, stable, and will do its job at best. A short course will not be very effective, however. Probiotics work over time, so you have to follow a continuous program. In the long run, you will find a silhouette that you like.

Lose weight with bacteria!

In the end, take a probiotic to lose weight, it’s simply help your digestive system to be as effective as possible. In the fight between good and bad bacteria, you will offer a significant help to positive bacteria, which will make you feel good.

They will power powerful fat burning machines, protect your intestines and offer the perfect balance to your microbiota.

You will lose weight while strengthening your health!