From the carob tree, the carob powder looks like cocoa. It is found in North Africa and the Middle East and it is used for various reasons: in slimming programs, to fight against cholesterol and to improve his memory! A natural and complete product, which we present here!


The origins of carob powder

Initially, carob is a fruit, consumed for centuries in countries where carob grows. This tree, with a lifespan of up to 5 centuries, offers its fruits in the form of bunches. From there, pods that dry at the end of July and contain:

  • Yellow pulp, which has a taste similar to that of cocoa, in less caloric
  • of the carob seeds (about twenty per pod) that is used to make syrup or substitute elements in some preparations. They can replace coffee or cocoa!

Its use goes back to antiquity, where the fruits were consumed or used for their medicinal virtues, notably by the Berbers! For this, it was often reduced to flour. Today, many countries have democratized their culture: the USA, Mexico, India ….

As we will see, carob powder is rich in body benefits and has many uses.

How is carob powder useful for the body?

To obtain carob powder, the carob fruit is dried and then finely ground to a cocoa-like powder. But how is this product good for your health?

We lend him several nutritional virtueswhich is why it is sometimes substituted for cocoa. Indeed, carob powder is less caloric than cocoa! It is against richer in calcium, starch and glucose. Rich in fiber, it contains no excitants (unlike coffee) or gluten.

As we will see later, this powder has its place in the kitchen! And it’s a great thing because we lend it different virtues:

An effective hunger cut?

Do you want to lose weight without struggling too much? Why not use carob powder to lose weight?

This food very high in fiber may, despite a small amount swallowed, keep you in the stomach in the long run. And this for two main reasons: the first is that this powder will swell in contact with gastric juices and fill you up. This brings the feeling of satiety that one seeks in.

The second reason is that the necessary intake of fat and protein in your body is reduced when you consume carob powder. So, you will eat healthier and less rich.

In one, the carob fruit powder will help you efficiently.

Against diarrhea and stomach ache

It was the Moroccan Berbers who first used carob against intestinal disorders. Thanks to its high fiber content, it will promote intestinal transit and solidify the stool. It is this thickening factor that makes it an excellent anti diarrhea treatment.

The carob powder, diluted in water, is better than the drugs against diarrhea!

Anti cholesterol

The bad cholesterol can be lowered by up to 30% in 1 month, with a carob powder cure. It’s the richness of the polyphenol product that allows to increase the oxidation of fatty acids, and therefore the energy expenditure generated.

In addition, the fibers, still they are recommended for in the blood.

Be careful though, if you are taking anti-diabetes treatment. The carob powder might interact with it, so talk to your doctor!

Against memory disorders

It is also used as a dietary supplement to fight against memory disorders. It boosts the mental capacities and regenerates the organism, which makes it possible not to suffer from memory loss related to mental fatigue.

It has been seen so far that the product was rich and complete. Let’s find out now how easy it is to use!


How to consume carob powder?

First, you need to know the recommended daily dose. It is estimated 20 or 30 g per day, in healthy adults, during a health program.

To consume this carob powder, there are several options:

In drink and in liquid form

Just add this powder in a liquid, hot or cold, according to your tastes. In water, milk or tea, you will get a drink that is both tasty and beneficent.

It is also interesting to add it to fruit juices or even sauces, because the powder mixes well, it thickens as it should and will bring a tasty touch to a mixture.

In your culinary preparations

Its simplest use is in substitution of cocoa! In all your cocoa recipes, replace it with carob powder equivalence! Yum ! It is very convenient to make less caloric recipes, or to satisfy the cocoa allergic!

Food supplements with carob?

We find on the market carob capsules, which are used during diet, for their hunger suppressing effect. If you need a helping hand to eat less, just bet on 100% natural!


Contraindications and side effects

If it is a powder that comes from a fruit and is completely natural, it should not be abused if:

  • You suffer from kidney problemsbecause it causes a decrease in production of creatinine hormone by the pancreas.
  • At the diabeticsbecause it interacts with insulin
  • In those who have a deficiency of chromium, iron, zinc … The carob powder can make the absorption of these trace elements more complicated.

There are no recognized side effects, other than rare skin reactions, in those who are hypersensitive to carob.

Carob powder, a healthy blend with global benefits

The carob powder is therefore a very interesting natural product. Apart from its taste qualities that allow it to replace cocoa, it offers interesting benefits for the body.

It will allow you to eat less without denying all your little culinary pleasures while protecting your body. This 100% natural product is as good as it is virtuous, and that’s why we like it so much!