Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is already used in a number of complaints and illnesses. The phytocannabinoid of the hemp plant has become the focus of many scientific studies and is enjoying increasing popularity as a natural agent . But in order to be able to benefit from the wide range of effects, it is important to pay attention to some quality features when buying. A large number of CBD products have long been available on the market. On the one hand, this is positive, on the other hand, the fluctuating quality of dubious providers makes it difficult to find specialists. In the following article we inform you about important features, which you should pay attention to before buying your CBD product. In this way you can distinguish high-quality cannabis oils from low-quality oils in the future.

We therefore recommend paying particular attention to the following points:

    • Origin
    • Cultivation
    • CBD content
    • Manufacturing
    • Advice
    • Supplier

Origin – Where does the product come from?

When purchasing CBD products, you should pay particular attention to the origin of the raw materials and sustainable production. We recommend that you prefer EU-certified and regional manufacturers. This is precisely where many suppliers use goods with long transport routes, for example, to save money. However, this can affect product quality and the environment.

Cultivation – Have certain criteria been taken into account during the cultivation?

The cultivation is another important criterion to ensure high product quality. It is particularly important that the hemp plants are free of unwanted pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Residues of heavy metals should also be avoided with regard to health risks. Favorable cultivation methods also affect the quality of the CBD product.

CBD Content – How Much Cannabidiol Is Contained?

The concentration of CBD products, such as cannabis oils, indicates how much of the active ingredient is contained. Here you should make sure that not only the concentration, but also the amount of CBD in milligrams per drop is stated on the product. It is also possible to compare different oils.

Additional tip: When buying oils, also pay attention to the specification of the carrier oil and organic quality.

Concentrated hemp extracts

Often less concentrated hemp extracts bring the desired feel-good factor, depending on the health goal. Listen to your body and slowly feel your way towards the ideal dosage for you.

Brand Quality – Has the product been subjected to quality control?

On the one hand, the now excessive supply of CBD products is positive, on the other hand, it also has a negative aspect. Providers make uncontrolled medical statements and medical promises, beyond the legal provisions. The quality of the products is hardly checked in this way. This can lead to confusion on the part of end users. Third-party controls and certificates help to identify reputable providers.

In order to guarantee high quality, it is advisable to have the products tested by an independent institution. Certificates of Analysis provide information about the ingredients contained and in what concentrations they are present. Make sure that the manufacturer publishes the analysis certificates transparently and allows customers to inspect them.

Bioqualified hemp plants that grow according to pharmaceutical standards are another quality feature. Together with permanent analyzes of the oils according to organic and pharmaceutical standards, a constant quality can be ensured.

But also in the CBD area there are already some special certificates that help to recognize high-quality products quickly. One of the best known is the Leafly seal of approval . The knowledge portal has set itself the task of testing different providers and analyzing their products together with independent laboratories. This is intended to provide end consumers with decision support when purchasing CBD products [1] .


We at CBD VITAL prefer residue-free organic products with certificates of analysis or purity and are now also part of CannaTrust – an independent evaluation portal for cannabinoid Products [2] .

Manufacturing – Which extraction method was chosen?

CBD oil basically consists of two components: the extract and a carrier oil. The extract describes the chemical substances that have been taken from the hemp. There are different ways to obtain these substances. The following extraction methods are used:

    • Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction
    • Ethanol extraction
    • Hydrocarbon extraction
    • Oil extraction

The CO 2 extraction is one of the most popular methods in the hemp industry. This is considered non-toxic and unproblematic. However, hydrocarbon extraction is less desirable, since possible hydrocarbon residues in the hemp extract can pose health risks.

Therefore, please pay attention to the extraction method when purchasing. So you can recognize a high product purity. Particularly gentle extraction methods that enable a highly concentrated and naturally obtained range of plants are recommended [3] .

Tip: Also pay attention to the terpene entourage effect . This describes the ideal interplay of the phytocannabinoids and terpenes contained in order to enable an optimized effect. Even small dosages for certain complaints and illnesses can lead to the desired results [4] .

The administration and use of CBD can be very different. The forms of intake vary between swallowing, inhalation and options for external use. The different forms of administration also bring differences in the effects, duration of effects and bioavailability [5] .

More information can be found in our magazine article on the duration of action of CBD .

The added value of CBD is great and is now also very popular in cosmetics. Here too, care should be taken to use certified organic cosmetics.

Our CBD VITAL cosmetics are completely without parabens, paraffins, silicone oils, microplastics and polyethylene glycols. They are manufactured according to the strict standards of organic organic cosmetics, the highest level of natural cosmetics. Tested and certified by the ECOGEA institute.


In most cases, CBD is used for oral ingestion. Cannabis oils and capsules are particularly popular here. There are different concentrations of oils. So get detailed advice here to find the right oil for your topic. At CBD VITAL we are always happy to receive calls from our customers – both for advice and for feedback on our products. The direct exchange with our customers is very important to us.

Provider – Where can I get my cannabis oil?

Basically you can get CBD products in pharmacies, online shops and selected drugstores. Online shops in particular have specialized in CBD products and can pass on important knowledge to you. When buying online, do not forget to pay attention to the delivery costs and possible payment options. It is often also possible to chat with experts directly online via the homepage.

CBD VITAL – our quality promise for you

CBD VITAL is the original for high-quality health products made from hemp. Our entire product range is characterized by the use of high-quality, scientifically tested ingredients. So that our customers can be sure that all CBD VITAL products are only of the highest quality and purity, we are committed to the most extensive tests on the market.


Our products with the CBD VITAL seal exceed all existing quality requirements. We combine tried and tested thinking with scientific, modern thinking and guarantee transparency from cultivation to the end product.