If you are looking to lose weight, you know that a balanced diet and exercise are essential. But to give you a boost, it may be interesting to combine these two good habits with taking a weight loss medication. These treatments offer good results, but it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

Over time, we have reviewed several slimming products that all claim to be the ideal solution to lose weight and feel better in your body. For each weight loss product, we analyzed their composition, effects on the body, advantages, disadvantages and possible side effects. Among all these treatments, some have stood out and thanks to them, achieving your goal and obtaining a dream body will be easier!

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In the rest of this article, we propose you a comparison of the most effective weight loss products and some tips to take your slimming remedy properly.


Effective slimming product: synthesis and comparison of the most interesting slimming pills

To give you a quick overview of the most effective weight loss medications available at the moment, here is a comparative table. In it, you will find the name of the treatment, the site where to buy it at the best price, the price applied and our opinion.

PhenQ: the number 1 in slimming products

With more than 190,000 satisfied customers worldwide, PhenQ is undoubtedly the number one weight loss drug! With this food supplement to lose weight, you can lose weight because of its different actions: it burns fat, reduces appetite and prevents the production of new fat in the body. In addition to its interesting effects, PhenQ (read our opinion) is also effective from the first capsule! Its actions are therefore instantaneous and weight loss is quite rapid. With PhenQ, you will therefore be able to lose weight, but you will also be in good shape, because this slimming product will give you energy and will not damage your mood. During your cure, you will feel good!


On the other hand, for PhenQ to be effective, it is advisable to eat a balanced diet and exercise at the same time.

Tips for taking PhenQ properly:

Dosage to be followed
Box capacity

The advantages and disadvantages of this slimming product:

  • Effectively reduces cravings for food
  • Burn fat and stop the production of new
  • Does not damage the mood or prevent you from sleeping
  • Provides the energy user with energy
  • The effects of PhenQ are very fast

PhenQ has very few side effects. Only two have been identified. The first is the taste of the capsules which may surprise at first and the second is the dosage which must be respected: two or even one capsule per day, but no more to avoid overdose and significant side effects.

=> To get more information about PhenQ, feel free to read my opinion and feedback after taking it for a month!

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Keto: a fat burner that works thanks to ketosis

Keto is a natural food supplement that helps to burn fat thanks to the ketosis state it produces. This state therefore to burn fat and no longer carbohydrates. Through this action, weight loss is promoted. Other advantages of the Keto diet: it makes you feel good, improves the quality of sleep and preserves muscle mass.


Keto’s actions therefore make it possible to lose weight, without suffering the undesirable effects of a ketogenic diet, a diet that also places the body in a ketosis state.

In addition to your Keto cure, you should focus on fat and limit your carbohydrate intake.

Tips for taking Keto well:

Dosage to be followed
Box capacity

The advantages and disadvantages of this slimming product:

  • Effective for fat burning.
  • Ideal for feeling fit.
  • Beneficial for weight loss.

Even if Keto has considerable advantages, it is important to consult your doctor before starting your treatment.

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Garcinia Cambogia: a fat burner with interesting effects

Garcinia Cambogia will help you eat less thanks to its “appetite lowering” action and to be in shape since it provides energy and stimulates metabolism. These various actions therefore make Garcinia Cambogia an effective dietary supplement to facilitate weight loss. In fact, the manufacturer ensures a loss of 10 kg in seven weeks!

Moreover, if you do not wish to adopt a strict diet or follow an intense sporting activity, Garcinia Cambogia will be suitable for you. Indeed, this food supplement acts without the implementation of these habits; you therefore have no concessions to make (even if sport and a balanced diet will accentuate its effects).

Read our opinion on Garcinia Cambogia to learn more.

Only the authorized extract
Garcinia Cambogia extract is authorized in food supplements. On the other hand, for slimming preparations containing this plant and made in pharmacies, it is impossible to obtain them.

Tips for taking Garcinia Cambogia well:

Dosage to be followed
Box contents

The advantages and disadvantages of this slimming product:

  • Decrease in the feeling of hunger.
  • Boosts metabolism.
  • Increases weight loss.
  • Increases energy.
  • No effort required.
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Proactol XS: the grease sensor par excellence

Proactol XS is a recognized weight loss product that is effective in capturing fat in the body. Composed of natural ingredients, the main one being chitosan, this food supplement is able to absorb fat, but not only! It also facilitates digestion, resulting in a feeling of satiety for several hours. Proactol XS also increases the level of good cholesterol while decreasing the bad one. With this slimming product, you can lose weight, but also maintain it and avoid a yo-yo effect.

See my detailed opinion for more information on this food supplement


Proactol XS must be taken in addition to good habits: a balanced diet and regular sports activity. Without them, its results will be difficult to see.

Tips for taking Proactol XS properly:

Dosage regimen
Box capacity

The advantages and disadvantages of this slimming product:

  • Weight loss is fast and long-lasting.
  • Fat consumption is reduced.
  • The yo-yo effects are limited.
  • Fats are captured and their storage limited.
  • The weight remains stable.

However, Proactol XS is not suitable for everyone and its dosage must be strictly adhered to. Side effects are rare, but can be felt by people who cannot digest high-fibre foods properly. If you are in this situation, frequent symptoms are bloating and intestinal irritation.

Capsiplex: a fat burner with four natural active ingredients

Capsiplex is a powerful fat burner that can be used by people who want to eliminate fat or stabilize their weight. Made up of four ingredients, Capsiplex boosts metabolism by increasing body temperature (= thermogenesis), promotes calorie elimination during sports activity, increases good fat levels and reduces hunger. The Capsiplex has many advantages over the body, as long as you eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly in parallel. As far as side effects are concerned, none are produced if the doses are respected.


To read: my detailed opinion on the Capsiplex to know everything about this product to lose weight.

Tips for taking Capsiplex well:

Dosage to be followed

The advantages and disadvantages of this slimming product:

  • It increases energy expenditure and boosts metabolism.
  • It has an effective appetite suppressant effect.
  • It helps to burn fat and calories.
  • It improves the digestive system.

However, because of the caffeine in Capsiplex, your sleep may be disrupted. Finally, think about implementing good habits (healthy eating and regular sports) to enhance the effects of Capsiplex on your body!

Raspberry Ketone: a weight loss product with multiple effects

Raspberry Ketone is one of the best fat burners based on green coffee and raspberry ketone, a substance extracted from the fruit and with many advantages: it reduces hunger, activates thermogenesis, reduces type 2 diabetes and helps to limit the appearance of free radicals, responsible for the appearance of certain diseases.


Good to know
Raspberry ketone is usually synthetically produced directly in the laboratory.

The Raspberry Ketone is therefore a fat burner whose purpose is to help its users lose weight. But this food supplement has another action: it helps each person to say “stop” to their food compulsions, a bad habit responsible for weight gain. To do this, this weight loss product will send a satiety message to the brain indicating that you are not hungry. As a result of this action, your appetite will be reduced. But the effects of Raspberry Ketone do not stop there! Indeed, it also reduces the absorption of sugars, increases energy expenditure and acts as a detox product to cleanse the liver. Raspberry Ketone is therefore an effective slimming product with many effects on the body!

Want to go further and learn more about the Raspberry Ketone? Here is my detailed opinion!

Tips for taking Raspberry Ketone properly:

Dosage to be followed
Box capacity

The advantages and disadvantages of this slimming product:

  • Raspberry Ketone is composed of ingredients that all have an action on the body.
  • This slimming product has a powerful fat-burning and appetite-suppressing action.
  • The capsules are easy to swallow.

But like all other food supplements, Raspberry Ketone is not without side effects. Indeed, for its effectiveness to be enhanced, these diet pills must be taken in addition to a good diet and regular physical activity. The dosage must also be taken into account and the opinion of the doctor is also necessary so that he can evaluate the compatibility of the slimming product with your general state of health.

Yooslim: effective for sculpting your body

Yooslim provides you with four slimming effects: it reduces appetite, burns fat, provides energy and sculpts the body. To guarantee you such actions, Yooslim relies on the effectiveness of its four natural active ingredients: konjac, garcinia cambogia, guarana and cola nut. These different natural ingredients also ensure a healthy and safe weight loss.


Discover Yooslim in detail in our full opinion

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Tips for taking Yooslim well

Dosage to be followed
Box capacity

The advantages and disadvantages of this slimming product

  • Food supplement based on natural ingredients
  • Four slimming actions for optimal weight loss
  • Possibility to receive a free bottle

However, Yooslim should be taken according to the dosage indicated on the package. Its contraindications should also be taken into account, as should the opinion of your doctor.

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Drugs for weight loss: explanations of how they work

What is a diet pill?

Before going into more detail on the actions of a weight loss drug, it is important to understand the meaning of such a product. A diet pill is a food supplement to be taken one to three times a day depending on the product for several weeks or less. These dietary supplements have a simple and clear purpose: to help people lose their excess weight (but these weight loss products must be used as a supplement to a diet) more quickly and easily.

Necessary efforts for optimal weight loss
Eating pills are not magic remedies that will make you lose weight with a simple snap of your fingers. These are supplements that must be taken in parallel with a good diet and regular sports activity. A healthy lifestyle must therefore complete the intake of a weight-loss medication and you will see! If you adopt a balanced lifestyle, you will lose weight more easily and quickly!

The actions and effects of weight loss products

Weight loss medications have several key functions on the body:

  • Cut off hunger. Everyone knows it: resisting a food you love or not giving in to your cravings for a snack is very difficult. But fortunately, to help you avoid cracking, most diet pills have the power to reduce the desire to eat and reduce cravings and snacking. Hunger suppressant capsules are therefore effective in reducing appetite, a phenomenon that increases weight loss because during meals, portions decrease and so does the number of calories consumed.

  • Fat burner: these slimming products have the power to stimulate metabolism to push you to burn more calories; a phenomenon that accentuates weight loss! Indeed, if you burn more calories than you swallow, your body will burn fat and your slimming process will be boosted.
Combination appetite suppressant and fat-burning effect
Most weight loss medications combine appetite suppressant and fat-burning action for better results. Of course, don’t forget to set up a good diet and practice a sport in parallel for even more positive effects on your weight loss!
  • Block fat: this type of slimming product prevents the body from absorbing fat, thus limiting its storage after a meal. Thanks to this action, your caloric intake decreases, fat is not stored in your body and your weight is not affected.
  • Action on the psychological and physiological aspect: slimming pills will be a precious help in your fight against excess weight. They will act as a support to help you hold on. Indeed, between the frustration of not eating what you want and the fatigue caused by the diet, you may be in a bad mood and not feel well. Fortunately, slimming products are here to help you!

Weight loss medications are therefore a support, a support and act according to several mechanisms to help you lose weight more easily. In the rest of this article, we propose you a more detailed explanation on the slimming products presented in our comparison. For each of them, you will find:

  • A description of the weight loss medication and its effects on the body.
  • Its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Advice on how to take it properly.
  • The link to buy it at the best price.
Make the right choices
For each slimming product presented, it is important to go through the manufacturer’s official website to buy it. The reasons? Because you will be sure to buy the real food supplement (imitations are nowadays numerous and these can represent a real danger to health) and on the laboratory site, discounts are often granted. Ordering your boxes on the manufacturer’s website is therefore a guarantee of safety, reliability and savings!

How to choose a diet pill? The criteria to be taken into account before choosing

Choosing a weight loss medication should not be done at random. Your choice must be made according to several essential criteria. To guide you and guide you as much as possible in your choice, here are the elements to look at when choosing your slimming product.

The basic criteria

A weight loss product is not a harmless remedy to be chosen on a whim and taken lightly. Indeed, even if most are available over the counter and without a prescription, it is important to take into account certain essential criteria before taking the first capsule! Here is what to look for first:

The manufacturer
The product’s actions to lose weight and its effectiveness
Your needs
Side effects and undesirable effects
A satisfied or refunded guarantee
The rates
Promo flash
On manufacturers’ websites, discounts and offers are often offered: discounts or for a purchased box, you will receive one free of charge, for example. So it’s worth it!

By taking these different criteria into consideration, you will know if the slimming product chosen is the right one or not. You will avoid unpleasant surprises and you will not feel like you have wasted your money on an ineffective slimming product with significant side effects.

But be careful! Slimming pills are not for everyone!
If these criteria must be taken into account, do not forget to ask your doctor for advice on taking a weight loss medication. The latter will tell you if taking a slimming product is compatible or not with your state of health and if it does not present any major risks for you.

Additional tips for choosing an effective food supplement

If the six points above are the ones you should check at all costs before taking any weight loss medication, here are some additional tips to help you make the best possible choice.

Today, the number of diet pills is enormous; every year, new ones are launched on the market and if some have real effectiveness, for others on the contrary, not all promises are kept. In terms of their effectiveness, the latter is also absent. In addition to having been scammed, an ineffective diet pill can also be dangerous to your health. So don’t take any risks and take into account the six criteria mentioned above to limit unpleasant surprises.


So, even if weight loss capsules promise to help you lose weight, it is important to keep in mind the following rule: to lose weight faster and especially in a sustainable way, it is essential to adopt a good diet and exercise regularly. Indeed, even if they are effective, weight-loss treatments are not miracle products that can act alone; on the other hand, you have to make concessions! Without effort, the results of your slimming product will take longer to achieve.

The best slimming product is the one that will help you achieve your final goal more easily and the one that will have no side effects.

Before choosing any weight loss medication, it is therefore important to take into account the criteria detailed above. On the other hand, never make these mistakes when ordering your slimming product:

  • Buy the cheapest diet pill on the market. Low prices generally mean low efficiency. So don’t take any risks and don’t play with your health, because in general, low-end capsules don’t contain quality ingredients. These “suspicious assets” can also have significant side effects.

  • Order a slimming product without knowing its composition. It is essential to do a thorough research on the composition of the drug to lose weight in sight, it is important! Why? Why? To know exactly what you are swallowing and to check that the components contained inside are not dangerous to your health. It is therefore important to review the list of components and if you can, choose natural active ingredients, it’s always better. This will prevent you from taking chemical substances that are dangerous to your health. Moreover, by analyzing more closely the composition of the slimming product, you will also know if you are allergic or not to any of these ingredients.
  • Buy from a site other than that of the official manufacturer. Today, weight loss medications are an incredible success! Faced with this growing success, imitations are constantly being launched on the Internet. The latter, displayed at low prices, promise incredible effects but in reality it is not so, on the contrary! These counterfeits can be dangerous to health and their composition can be very different from that of the actual product. To avoid buying a counterfeit weight loss product, it is therefore important to order your boxes only on the official website of their manufacturer. This way you will be sure to buy the real slimming pills.

If you adopt a healthy lifestyle, a weight loss product will accelerate your weight loss and help you achieve your goal more easily.

What results can I expect from a weight loss product?

The effectiveness of slimming pills is real, but what exactly are the results to be expected? In reality, it is difficult to give precise figures, because each person is different and the results depend in part on the lifestyle adopted in parallel, your habits and the rigour with which you follow your treatment.


Moreover, temperaments and morphologies vary from one individual to another: if some people tend to lose quickly, for others on the contrary, weight loss is longer. No matter how long you lose weight, the most important thing is to determine your goal and choose a slimming product that is adapted to your situation and that will meet your needs.

With a balanced diet and regular exercise, the results will be felt faster than you thought.

When do the first results start to appear?

Although the first positive results of weight loss medications vary from one individual to another, be aware that they are not instantaneous. Indeed, you will not lose your extra pounds in one day. It is necessary to give the body time to assimilate the diet pills and trigger fat loss.

To be noted
By monitoring your diet and exercising regularly, the first positive effects can be seen one month after the start of your treatment (according to some manufacturers). But each person loses at his own pace. This is due to the different metabolism and morphologies.

Can you lose weight in a specific area of the body?

When following a slimming diet, it is not possible to lose weight on a specific part of the body. The body will eliminate the stored fats, but not necessarily where they are stored in large quantities. On the other hand, with a food supplement, this would be possible! According to some manufacturers, by taking a weight loss medication, you can trigger fat burning on specific parts of your body.

These claims have not been the subject of any scientific evidence, so they should be taken with caution.

Slimming drug: what are its advantages and disadvantages?

When you take a closer look at a weight loss drug, you are immediately attracted and won over by its very attractive promises: reduced appetite, elimination of fat, quick and easy weight loss… But as you can imagine, a slimming product is not without its disadvantages. Otherwise, this would be a miracle! No, I’m not! A diet pill does have both strengths and weaknesses. Here are the details.

The advantages of a weight loss product

A weight loss medication has a simple goal: to help its users lose weight quickly, easily and effectively. It therefore represents a major support in your slimming process, but do not forget that this slimming product is combined with a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

If you implement these good habits in your daily life, your slimming remedy will be beneficial and will help you reach your final goal faster and easier.

Depending on the slimming pills chosen, the latter have interesting objectives: fat burning and appetite suppressant being the main actions. Thanks to these slimming products, your appetite can be reduced and fat eliminated; two actions that promote weight loss. With a weight loss medication, you will lose your extra pounds more easily, but as repeated several times, the results will only be visible if you eat a balanced diet and practice a sport as a complement to your treatment.

Weight loss products are also distinguished by their composition: some are based on natural ingredients.

Natural active ingredients are effective in losing weight without side effects and health hazards. They ensure a healthy cure!

With a weight-loss medication, achieving your goal is therefore easier and another major advantage: it acts on the psyche. Indeed, most people who manage to lose weight regain self-confidence and feel better in their body and mind. They also regain a certain motivation to continue on their path until they reach their ideal weight.

Some slimming products improve mood and do not cause you to feel tired; good points that help you stay in shape during your treatment!

The disadvantages of a diet pill

As mentioned, there are some disadvantages to a weight loss medication that are important to consider before starting your treatment. This avoids unpleasant surprises!

First of all, be aware that it is essential to respect the dose indicated on the product’s packaging to lose weight. Indeed, if you decide to increase the number of capsules per day, this can lead to an overdose that can cause significant side effects. Moreover, by increasing the dose, the effects of the slimming product will not be accentuated, quite the contrary! So take the time to read the leaflet to know exactly how many pills to take per day; you will avoid unwanted effects!


A weight loss drug is not a magic product either. Indeed, despite the very interesting promises of food supplements, they are not products that can work miracles on their own. In other words, they cannot act without effort on your part. For it to be effective and for their results to be visible more quickly, you must make concessions and this necessarily requires a healthy lifestyle.

The slimming product must also be carefully analyzed before starting your treatment: composition, dosage, benefits, contraindications are the main elements to look at. By carrying out a thorough analysis of the slimming product, you will know what ingredients are contained inside and if you are allergic to any of them, and the results, even if they are real, are not immediate, so the duration of the treatment can be long. Also keep in mind that the lost pounds may come back at the end of your treatment if you don’t pay attention to your diet.

Before taking the first capsule, it is also important to consult your doctor. The latter will tell you whether or not the slimming product chosen is compatible with your state of health and if he gives you the green light, don’t forget to order your boxes on the manufacturer’s official website!

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  • Raspberry Ketone

Finally, on the side of contraindications, a diet pill is not suitable for pregnant women, those who breastfeed their child, children and people suffering from a pathology or taking medical treatment.

Why choose a slimming product to lose weight?

For most people, the advantage of taking a weight loss medication is to follow and face your slimming diet with greater ease and serenity. Indeed, with a slimming product, users do not need to make any major effort; they simply have to follow its cure correctly and assiduously, respect the doses indicated on the packaging and follow a balanced diet in parallel.

Positive weight loss
Slimming capsules melt fat mass without harming health and without causing users to feel frustrated. These capsules are therefore a precious help for people who cannot follow the rules of their diet to the letter.

A slimming product will also help you to lose weight without suffering and the first results will be visible quickly. Moreover, seeing such positive effects on your body is a real source of motivation to continue your fight against excess weight.

In addition, the fact that the majority of slimming products are made with natural ingredients is a pleasure and a good thing! By taking them, you will not feel like you are hurting your body and swallowing chemicals that are bad for your body. In addition, these weight loss capsules are all the more interesting because they offer the body other virtues, they are also easy to take (simply swallow), but in general, the duration of the treatment is long.

Tips for using your weight loss treatment properly

If you are planning to use a weight loss medication, here are all our tips to take it with complete serenity and without risk:

  • Order your box(es) only on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Once you have received your pills, take the time to read the instructions to know the doses, the precautions to follow, the storage method..
  • Comply with the doses indicated on the packaging.
  • Follow a balanced lifestyle in parallel for more conclusive results.

By implementing these few tips, you will quickly notice the positive effects of your slimming product. Faced with these results, you can only be satisfied!

Slimming pill: over-the-counter drugs, but not magic

Most weight loss medications are available over the counter and without a prescription. Buying a slimming product is therefore very tempting, because you can order it whenever you want and without going through the “doctor” box. But if these slimming remedies seem interesting for losing weight, are they really safe and effective? Here are some tips to maximize their effectiveness.

1- Be realistic

There’s no need to get the wrong idea! As stated repeatedly throughout this article, weight-loss medications are not magic remedies that can eliminate your excess weight in an instant! They are simply an aid and a tool to help you in your fight against your excess kilos.

Slimming products do not work for everyone and the benefits can be modest depending on the temperaments

In summary, while diet pills can help you lose weight, they are not a quick fix: for their effectiveness to be real and effective, you need to have a healthy yet active diet.

2- Ask before buying any slimming product

If you are considering taking a weight loss medication and it is available over-the-counter, it is important to be well informed about the product in sight. To do this, you can refer to the laboratory’s website to find out the composition of the pills and have all the information you need to take them. You can also turn to health organization or government sites that are reliable and rich in information platforms.

3- Talk to your doctor about your weight loss project

If you want to take a weight loss medication, talking to your doctor is essential, especially if you have a disease, are in poor health or are taking a medication. Indeed, some slimming products can interact with medications and cause significant side effects. Same if you have health problems, diet pills can be dangerous for you. So don’t take any risks and don’t put your health at risk!


Your doctor will be able to tell you if you can take a weight loss product without risk to your health. He will also give you some tips to lose weight more easily. He or she can also support you, evaluate your progress and/or direct you to a dietician who will assist you in your slimming project.

4- Use the legal elements as a basis

To evaluate the seriousness and effectiveness of a weight loss product, do not hesitate to refer to legal elements such as laboratory tests and current standards. These indicators are very reliable and really make it possible to judge the reliability of a slimming product. While these indicators cannot tell you whether the pills you choose will be effective for you, they are a guarantee of credibility and quality. They are therefore not to be neglected!

Where can I find weight loss pills?

On the Internet or in physical stores, there are a multitude of slimming products. But to be sure to buy an effective weight loss drug, it is essential to turn to the manufacturer’s website. The prices applied are attractive and several offers are often granted.

Did you know that?
In addition to food supplements, some foods are effective in losing weight because of their fat-burning action. To discover them, we propose you the article on the best natural fat burners.

Are slimming products a good solution for weight loss? Our verdict

After having analyzed in more detail the benefits and side effects of weight loss products, I think that they are an interesting solution for people who want a boost in their fight against excess weight. Indeed, because of their various actions on the body (fat burning, appetite suppressant, stopping the production of new fats…), slimming pills have real beneficial assets for weight loss! In addition, most of them have an effect on mood and have the power to boost the body to give it more energy!

Before choosing any weight loss product, don’t forget to take into consideration the criteria mentioned in this article in order to choose one that is adapted to your needs and in accordance with your final objective, so with diet pills, following a diet will be simple. Throughout your treatment, you will never feel tired and you will always keep a positive spirit! Weight loss medications have everything to please, but…

If these solutions to lose weight seem interesting, they still have undesirable effects, side effects and contraindications to be taken into consideration before starting treatment. Indeed, these capsules are not remedies to be taken on the spur of the moment and as you wish; a dose is to be strictly respected to avoid an overdose that can have serious consequences on your health. In addition to more or less important side effects, weight-loss medications also have contraindications to consider. The latter mainly concern pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and people suffering from an illness or undergoing medical treatment. If you belong to one of these categories, it is not recommended to take a slimming product.

Also, even if you are in good health or not taking any treatment, it is important to ask your doctor for advice on taking a dietary supplement. The latter will then be able to judge the compatibility of the latter with your general state of health. If he gives you his consent, you can take your capsules with a calm mind!

Finally, remember to buy your boxes only on the official website of their manufacturer to avoid ordering a counterfeit that may be ineffective and dangerous to health. On the official platform, you can also take advantage of attractive discounts and a satisfied or refunded guarantee to make great savings when you place your order.

Thanks to this complete guide, you now know everything about weight-loss medications: their advantages, disadvantages for the body, where to buy them… You also have everything you need to take them well and lose weight with simplicity and efficiency. All you have to do is make your choice and don’t forget to choose an effective slimming product in accordance with your needs and your final goal! Good luck in your fight against excess weight and above all stay motivated; your efforts will pay off sooner or later!