A little too tense? Here are the best natural muscle relaxers!

Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from muscle aches, in the neck, in the back, at the level of the hips … These contractures, annoying in everyday life come from bad postures and bad habits. But it is possible to use a natural muscle relaxer, to remedy this painful concern.

Take back control of your body and do yourself well with the natural muscular relaxers that we present here!

The reasons for our muscle contractions

Muscle contraction is recognized by the unpleasant sensation of being blocked, stretched, in one or more parts of the body. It’s painful and it can interfere dailywhen the pain is too strong In the most extreme cases, the muscular contraction causes a complete inability to move.

If muscular contractions have always existed, they affect more and more people nowadays. This is not surprising, because the causes of these pains are physical or food.

Indeed, the positions we adopt every day are not necessarily good for the body. Spend a day sitting in front of a computer, lowering your head to look at your smartphone, lifting heavy loads in the wrong way … You can find many physical sources to these muscle contractions. But they are not the only ones responsible.

The stress is also one of the first factors of pain that can be in the neck, lower back, kidneys … It causes blockages in certain muscles and very painful tension that are often recurrent.

Finally, what we eat is also important to avoid suffering muscle tension and contractures. And yes, a good intake of calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C reduces the risk of pain!

So of course, it is possible to mitigate them by stretching frequently or by practicing physical activity. Yoga and martial arts, as well as water sports will be very beneficial to reduce this pain. But using a natural muscle relaxer will be even more effective!

Natural muscle relaxer: plants to relax?

There are several methods to try to get rid of muscle contactions.

A good masseur can do little miracles, since it will be able to untie the most contracted areas by pressing the right place. It is an art, which requires a precise know-how. Even if a massage of your spouse will do you some good, it will not solve the problem unfortunately.

Some opt for medication to ease the pain. It works, but in a healthy way, it’s not necessarily a good idea to gorge on drugs. We will prefer the natural, as do lovers of alternative medicine.

And with this in mind, we find very good natural muscular relaxers! Most are plants and medicinal herbs, who have proven themselves. They are usually found in ancient Asian medicines.

Let’s see what is the best natural relaxant according to your needs, and how to use it!

The 8 best natural relaxants to do good
Here are 8 herbs and ingredients that will help you relax, and eliminate your pain and tension.

Lavender is a flower with many virtues. It is especially his oil that we use when we want to relax. It is indeed one of the most effective natural muscle relaxers.

To use it, it is necessary to to massage the painful area for long minutes, to improve blood flow. This helps soothe the muscle and allow it to relax. Finish with a hot shower to conclude this relaxing process.

Peppermint is very often recommended for treating different types of muscle pain. It is recommended for headaches, back pain and leg pain.

We lend him virtues anti-inflammatory, an improvement of the blood circulation as well as antispasmodic capacities. In cases of muscle contractions, which cause uncontrolled twitches and spasms, it is a benefactor ingredient.

To use it, there are several solutions:

Consume it as infusions. Make yourself a mint tea by infusing a few mint leaves in boiling water. Drink in several cups a day until the pain subsides.
You can also use peppermint oil. Massage for at least 5 minutes the painful area to obtain a pleasant relaxing effect.
It is used rather in cooking, without suspecting his status as a muscle relaxant natural first choice. For apart from its special taste, rosemary is useful for relaxing muscles, bones and the mind.

To take advantage of its properties, it is possible to to infuse it in your bath. Once the smell seems strong enough, enter the water for a perfect relaxing bath. It is also possible to use rosemary essential oil, directly applied to areas that hurt you.

It is often recommended for people with arthritis, or women, during their menstrual cycles.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is very popular for its benefits for the skin, for the hair, but we know less its relaxing properties. Yet, it allows reduce stress, and relax the muscles.

It is recommended to mix with 3 or 4 drops of essential oils of lavender or rosemary. Then apply the mixture to the part of the body that makes you suffer by massaging. Soon you will feel a looseness of your muscles.

This natural muscle relaxant is given anti-inflammatory properties and improves blood circulation in the muscles. Plus, she can help in the blood!

The easiest way to consume it is in infusion. Let infuse for 10 minutes chamomile (flower or sachet) and drink this drink benefactor.

Valerian comes from the roots of the valerian plant. It is a recognized sedativewhich acts on the mind and on the muscles.

For a long time, menstruating women use them to relieve painful bellyaches. In high doses, it is a plant that has a sedative effect and must be consumed when you are at home in a relaxing time.

It is in the form of powder, capsules or infusion.

It is more commonly called passion fruit! And apart from its delicious flavor when it is eaten as a fruit, it is a flower with many virtues.

The passionflower flower has properties that help it fight against stress and anxiety. To reduce muscle pain and tension, we advise you to infuse this flower for a few minutes and consume this beverage several times a day.

It is all the more advised that the passionflower is a good antioxidant, which will help your cells to remain strong!

Used in the form of essential oil, lemongrass is excellent for relieve back pain. When you are blocked from the back, massage with lemongrass oil on the desired area.

It also facilitates the circulation of blood. As a result, spasms related to muscle tension become less intense. A very good natural muscle relaxer, which also reduces neck and back pain.

What to avoid to avoid muscle contractures
Muscle contractions may be aggravated by certain factors. We talked about stress and bad postures, but they are not the only culprits.

The alcohol for example, is bad when you suffer from muscular tension. It will cause additional muscle tension and therefore a more intense blockage. same for me sugarwhich has the unpleasant property of increasing pain! Avoid these two products as much as possible when you have muscle contractions.

Furthermore, being overweight will also complicate things! Better to pay attention to your diet and exercise, and avoid complications!

For the rest, find the muscle relaxant that suits you and say stop to those pains that ruin your daily life. Once these contractions are gone, you will live again!