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CBD during pregnancy

CBD during pregnancy

Planned or unplanned, from the moment a woman has a positive pregnancy test in her hands, she carries an enormous responsibility. Most expectant...


Chief editor

Why don’t you slow down a little bit and take care of yourself?

I propose a parenthesis just for you, out of time, simple, soft and refreshing with articles on rich and varied themes such as beauty (care, routines …) but also well-being (meditation, aroma, healthy food …).
Passionate about plants, I also share my discoveries and advice to get started and have a green thumb!

Take a little break, no pressure, just you and me, hand in hand, I’ll accompany you during this suspended moment .

Enjoy your visit!

Jane ❤️

My Approach

Modern technological and scientific advances allow us to understand our bodies intimately. We can now correct and improve its functioning.

We know that stress, our lifestyle or our eating habits have a strong influence on our body. Poor management of any one of these three elements can create deficiencies or sub-optimal functioning.

Choosing a balanced diet is therefore no longer sufficient in these cases. It is necessary to restore the functional capacity of the body by providing certain essential elements in a targeted manner.

My Process

Eating behaviour is a complex conduct that encompasses many determinants, both individual, represented by our personal histories, and collective, whether family or cultural. Family habits can, for example, lead us to include overly large meals in our diet. Similarly, emotions and stress can be the cause of impulsive food intake.

We sometimes use food to compensate for frustration or to reward ourselves for a hard day’s work. It is on this imbalance that my approach will act.

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